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Fandom Yearly Round-up, 15 Days of OTP Challenge

[1] 2013 was quiet and slow for me, but I'm glad I managed to write a few short pieces.

My 2013 Fanworks

Snow!Helga-as-Cecile (Snow sculpture, Hey Arnold!, Helga)
Snow!Bliss (Snow sculpture, Hey Arnold!, Dr Bliss)
Manor of Shadows (Poem, HP Fandom, Narcissa)
Cold to the Bone (Flashfic, Merlin Fandom, Merlin-centric)
Cloaked (Flashfic, Merlin Fandom, Arthur & Merlin)
Stolen Minutes (Flashfic, Merlin Fandom, Gwen-centric with Gwen/Merlin feelings)
Hand in Hand (Double drabble, Roswell, Isabel/Maria)
Nulled Redemption (Flashfic, Merlin Fandom, Mordred reincarnated)


[2] I've found a 15 Days of OTP Challenge that I like! This is what it will look like:

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Wii, Mario Kart, Dec 24th

A few months ago I dug the Wii out of the box and was surprised to find that it worked. For years, I thought it was broken, lol. It's nice to have it back and I've been having lots of fun with it.

My besties bought me Mario Kart Wii for Solstice and now I have discovered the awesomeness of wifi multiplayer! I'm sure wifi gaming is old news to most gamers, but it is shiny new to me and basically I just think it is the coolest thing. :D I have to limit myself though because I hurt my hand recently and it isn't good to play too much. But if any of you happen to have Mario Kart Wii and want to play together sometime, let me know, because that would be awesome. I've only played against anonymous people so far.

Also, it is December 24th and I am avoiding thinking about Merlin. :P Hard to wrap my head around the fact that it has been a year. Definitely not ready to re-watch that finale yet. Maybe next year. Or the year after...
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Those of you who create fanworks, what types of mediums have you explored during your time in fandom? Writing, art, vidding, podficcing, cosplay, etc? I'd love to hear what you've experimented with and what you've enjoyed the most.


I feel like my earlier years in fandom were more productive, when I was experimenting a lot. These last few years I kind of settled just into writing, but now my interest had declined. Maybe I should step away from writing and try something new. (Not likely a new fandom though... I still like my old ones too much. :D) The first fanworks I fell in love with were vids, which I was exposed to at the first few Xena conventions I attended. I've always wanted to try vidding. Maybe that should be my new thing to try in 2014.

Hope you guys are doing well and have a bright holiday season. <3
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Haircut, Gravity, Buffy: Chaos Bleeds

[1] On a whim, I asked my friend to cut off 7 inches of my hair this past weekend. I'm pretty happy with it. I'm thinking of going even shorter! It is just below my shoulders right now.

[2] [After the haircut we went to see Gravity.] Gravity was excellent. I have been kind of obsessed with it since I saw the preview last spring. After all this anticipation, it did not disappoint. It was the most original and satisfying movie I've seen in ages. *happy sigh*

[3] Recently finished the second Buffy Xbox game. Those games are SO FUN. They are both great in their own ways, but overall I suppose I prefer the first one. More funny and a wider variety of vampire enemies, I think, plus some great moves and weapons that were left out in the second one. Also the second one had a few too many sexist video game cliches. On the other hand, the second one lets you take the reins of lots of great Buffy characters, and has more playtime. Next female protagonist video game on my list: Alias.
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Merlin love & fic rec

I'm compelled to join the chorus and say Happy Merlin anniversary. :) Five years ago I watched the pilot because I wanted to see Anthony Head in a fantasy series. Needless to say I fell hard for the show for many reasons, Anthony Head being just one of them.

It's still the fandom I spend the most time in. Recently, I've been reading as many paperlegends fics as I can (there are 100+ this year! :O) and I absolutely have to share a link to the beautiful post-finale one I finished reading yesterday. I highly recommend it:

Swimming with the Sidhe by gwyllion (Merlin/Arthur, Mature, 54k)

No one likes a story that ends with a hero’s death and broken promises. As Merlin watches the wooden boat drift away with Arthur, he regrets that he ever believed a word that Kilgharrah told him about the bright future Arthur would bring to Albion. Fortunately, he is greeted by a new mythical advisor, the Calming Manatee of the Calming Manatee meme. Only this docile sea creature can help Merlin through this difficult stage in his life so he learns to love himself and gets his happy ending with Arthur.

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Preschool, Buffy video game

[1] My niece had her first day of preschool today and loved it. <3

Also, there was no rain or nice boys with umbrellas saying, "I like your bow because it's pink, like your pants," so I suppose that is ultimately for the best. ;P

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She did wear a bow, but it was black, like her shirt. (She's kind of going through a goth phase. Apparently four-year-olds can do that.)

[2] I'm terrible at motivating myself to write lately. I do have one poem I've been working on with some enthusiasm, but slowly. I've got other ideas but not many that I can find the motivation to realize. I sit and stare, and type out a bit of junk, and get angry that it's not good, so I do something else.

Lately I've been letting myself get sucked into video games. Been playing the first Buffy game on Xbox, which I've never beaten before. I'm almost to the end now and it's SO FUN. Pretty sure the show's writing team was involved, because the dialogue is spot on and hilarious. My favorite part is when a vampire runs up to me spouting some evil line and I immediately stake him before he gets to finish. :P Staking vampires in general is very, very satisfying.
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Dark things in HP fandom, Sorting quiz

[1] Okay. There are a ton of fabulous dark events happening in HP fandom this year and I am trying to keep track of them:

+ darkarts_drabs is going on again.
+ Imperius Challenge sign-ups start Sept 1st at hp_darkarts.
+ hp_scroogemas darkfic winter holiday fest prompting begins Sept 1st.
+ darkwitches begins posting in November.
+ hp_darkarts will be posting 12 days of dark fanworks in December.

Did I miss anything? It's so cool to see all these things going on.

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What Hogwarts House(s) do you guys sort yourselves into? Is that the House you fall into when you take a sorting quiz?